How to buy/make an order?

Vikan products are products for professional use and are available in different colors, different strengths, lengths, etc. To help you navigate, in the next few lines you can find brief instructions and the most important notes for ordering.

Tools & Handles

Most Vikan tools come without handles so that the length and type of handle can be adjusted by each user, ie the work they have to do. Visually, it will be clear that a particular item needs to be paired with a handle (a note or recommendation will be highlighted for some items).

Mop frames & Mops

Since mop holders come in different designs and sizes, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of grip (the way the mop is held on the holder) which can be a velcro or a pocket system. It is also necessary to pay attention to the size, which can be, for example, 40cm or 60cm. For the mop holder, it is also necessary to pair the handle from the microfiber system.

Colors & options

Vikan products are available in up to 12 different colors. You can use colors to match systems such as HACCP or another standard. For products available in colors and / or different options, you will simply be offered menus where you can make a selection.

Use our knowledge base

In our knowledge base you can find additional information about products, systems and how to use them. We will do our best to make our database bigger over time so that you can draw inspiration from it and get answers to your questions.


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Having additional questions is perfectly fine. That is why our chat is always available to you. We will answer all your questions, help you choose products and suggest solutions for your needs.

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