Foaming guns

Foaming guns and equipment for low pressure washing and foam disinfection. No need for compressed air. Easy and convenient to use. With chemical concentration regulation from 0.4 to 10%. Two foaming gun sizes available – 1.4 liters and 2.5 liters. We recommend pairing with Vikan hoses and wall brackets for even faster, safer and easier use. Vikan mobile foaming guns will be grat solution and will fit into any production size regardless of the degree of automation and complexity of production. Mobile low-pressure foaming equipment is especially useful and practical for maintaining the hygiene of larger kitchens. Information on recommended concentrations and effects should be sought from the chemical supplier.

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  • VIKAN Foam sprayer

    VIKAN Foam sprayer

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    141,64 VAT included
  • VIKAN Ergo foam sprayer

    VIKAN Ergo foam sprayer

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    224,99 VAT included
  • VIKAN Stainless steel suspension for foam sprayer and hose

    VIKAN Stainless steel suspension for foam sprayer and hose

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    128,29 VAT included

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