Popis korisnih Vikan članaka i infografika za prehrambenu industriju [ENG]

Znanje je moć – Vikanov tim svoje znanje prenosi korisnicima u prehrambenoj industriji kroz seriju korisnih članaka i infografika, dostupnih na engleskom jeziku. Svi članci i infografike dostupni su online pregledavanje i za download u pdf formatu. Popis će se konstantno obnavljati.


  1. Vikan’s position regarding the use of silver as a surface antimicrobial
  2. Info Leaflet – Testing confirms: Extremely low microplastic shedding
  3. Info Leaflet – Optimise your allergen control through use of colour
  4. Info Leaflet – Listeria; Its most common hideouts, and where to clean
  5. Advertorial – Choosing hygienically designed cleaning tools
  6. Article – Decontamination of food industry cleaning brushware – a matter of hygienic design
  7. Article – Are your cleaning tools food safe?
  8. WhitePaper – The Hygienic Design of Food Industry Brushware
  9. WhitePaper – Metal detectable plastics use in cleaning tools – does it reduce foreign body risk?
  10. WhitePaper – Hygiene control in pig processing
  11. WhitePaper – Guidance on the use of Colour-Coding to improve food safety and quality
  12. WhitePaper – Optimising Food Safety Through Good Cleaning Tool Maintenance
  13. Minimising the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission through good cleaning and disinfection practices
  14. Whitepaper – Two key pre-requisites for food safety and Covid-19 control


  1. Listeria Control
  2. GFSI Requirements for the Hygienic Design and Maintenance of Cleaning Tools and Utensils
  3. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 – Requirements for Housekeeping and Hygiene
  4. Hygienic Design of Food Industry Brushware
  5. Raising Awareness of GFSI Scheme Audit Requirements
  6. Metal Detectable Brush Bristles – Do They Work?
  7. What Ultra Safe Technology Can Do for You